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Terug A case and a counter case

The Jerusalem Post writes on 20 October 2002:

7 policemen, 2 soldiers wounded in clashes with settlers

Seven policemen, two IDF soldiers and another man were wounded Saturday night when settlers clashed with security forces over the last stages of the dismantlement of the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad, near Nablus, Saturday night.

The settlers who had lived in the outpost, who had not opposed the dismantling of the outpost by IDF Wednesday, returned to the site Thursday evening, accompanied by several other people.

Three of the policemen were lightly to moderately wounded in the head when stones were thrown at them. Four others were lightly wounded. The situation of the two soldiers, one male and one female, was as yet undisclosed, although one of them was evacuated from the site in an ambulance.

A report on Israel Television's Channel One News said the commander of police's Samaria District had instructed policemen to arrive at the area of the outpost with no helmets on and without the clubs they usually carry, to signify that "they come in peace."

The report added that there were some 180 settlers at the site , physically blocking security forces from dismantling one shack and two large containers still left standing at the site, Saturday afternoon.

Their numbers, according to the report, were growing steadily, the report said. Hundreds of settlers were still violently obstructing the security forces' work, the report said.

IDF and security forces personnel, including both men and women, were seen dragging settlers from the building, the report said.

Using their numerical advantage, the settlers reenter the shack whenever they are removed from it.

Moshe Zar, the father of Gilad Zar, who was killed in a terrorist attack on the site of the outpost, reportedly fainted during the clashes and was treated by IDF and police medical personnel. He was later reportedly evacuated from the site in an ambulance.

According to a report on Channel Two News, Zar had called on settlers not to confront police earlier Saturday.

Asked why settlers felt they could take the law into their own hands and confront police, Benzi Lieberman, the head of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, said the outpost is "totally legal."

He said Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer did not "stand up to his words and promises," and blamed him for mobilizing dozens of IDF soldiers into action during the Shabbat, forcing them to desecrate it.

Several soldiers told Israel radio they were forced to desecrate the Shabbat when they were instructed by their commanders to at arrive at Havat Gilad. The report quoted soldiers, as well as some parents, as saying their commanders told them they were called in for active duty, and that the actions had been authorized by the Chief Army Rabbi.

In a message sent to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Ben-Eliezer after the Shabbat, however, MK Zvulun Orlev (National Religious Party), said he had talked with the chief rabbi, who had told him he wasn't consulted by anyone on this matter.

Had he been consulted, the rabbi said, he would not have had authorized the soldiers to operate on the Shabbat.

Women in Green, an organisation that strongly supports the settlers, states that the land has been bought by the Zar family, so the settlers were evicted from Jewish land:

Dear Friends of Israel,

Women in green: the evacuation is an outrage

As you know, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Fuad Ben
Eliezer have announced that they will dismantle tens of Jewish
outposts. In a previous article we have already discussed how such an order is against the national interests of the Jewish People, and gravely endangers the lives of those in the area who are sitting ducks for continuous Arab terrorist attacks.

The most outrageous story is the one of the "Gilad farm" and after you
read the following, we urge you to:
1- Forward this message to all friends, and supporters of Israel
2- Fax Prime Minister Sharon, Defense Minister Ben Eliezer, and Effy
Eitam of the NRP:

The "Gilad farm" was put up after Gilad Zar HY"D was murdered. The
Gilad farm had been put up by Gilad's family on land privately bought by
their father Moshe Zar, who at a press conference last week, showed all the
documentation that the land was his. The Gilad farm was put up on a
strategic point, defending all Jews in the area. The legal documents
did not help and the order to evacuate came anyway. Close to 2000 Jews
came to passively resist the evacuation last Wednesday.

Moshe Zar, in order to prevent any confrontation with the army, came to
a compromise with the government and they promised him that if he would
leave the area voluntarily and call upon all Jews at the place to leave with
him, the government would allow the residents of the farm to come during the day and continue to work the land. All construction would stay but the
residents would not be allowed to sleep there at night.

Moshe Zar agreed, naively believing the government would keep its
promise. The Jews left quietly. The next day, a message came that Sharon and Fuad (Minister of Defense Ben Eliezer, Estel) had given the order to completely destroy any construction on the hill (caravans, shacks etc.) This was a complete betrayal of their promise and a spitting in the face of the Zar family - family of victims of terror. Hundreds of Jews came to stay at the place in order to prevent the destruction of any construction.

The implementation of the evil decree took place during this past
Shabbat (which is outrageous in itself - Jewish soldiers were called to action and asked to desecrate the Shabbat, which usually is only done in case of extreme emergency) and lasted till after Shabbat. The soldiers are evacuating the Jews of the Gilad farm with extreme brutality and
force. Hundreds of Jews in the area, understanding that the Zar family
was betrayed and tricked, are trying to get to the Gilad farm and prevent
the evacuation.

What can we do, you ask? It is of utmost importance to bombard the
Prime Ministers office with hundreds of faxes of outrage making it clear that we know that Sharon is responsible for these actions. He will pay the
price in the upcoming elections. In addition, it is very important to demand
from Effy Eitam, of the NRP (Mafdal) to leave the government
immediately. How can they stay in a government that transfers Jews
from land they legally own? How can they stay in a government that does
nothing against tens of thousands of illegal Arab buildings but attacks Jewish victims of terror?

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's faxes:
972-2566-4838 or 972-2-677-3687
or 972-2-670-5475
Prime Minister Sharon's phones:
972-2-670-5555 or
the new department that take people's complaints: 972-3-606-6240

Defense Minister Fuad Ben Eliezer
Phone: 972-3-697-5436
Fax: 972-3-697-6218

Minister Effy Eitam
Fax: 972-2-500-6862
Phone: 972-2-500-6889

Ruth and Nadia Matar