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World war 3, not a natural phenomenon.


"The murderous Palestinian violence striking Israel since September 2000 is what brought Ariel Sharon to power. It is what greatly reduced the strength of the peace camp, which seeks an agreement on the basis of the principle of dividing the Land of Israel into two sovereign states. As long as the terror continues, Sharon's policies, which make do with brutal reactions without offering any political exit from the conflict, is perceived as the appropriate response to Palestinian behavior. "

So far the report in the Jerusalem Post on November the 23rd. In this view the "murderous Palestinian violence" is a natural phenomenon that Ariel Sharon has to fight in the same way that one fights a storm or an earthquake. The peace camp is perceived as a kind of dam, while Sharon is perceived to reacting "brutally", even Quixotically, as if he were fighting something as a windmill, that keeps turning anyway, to no avail.

Now image: if Frankie was beating up Johnnie and Johnnie hits back, would anybody tell Johnnie to stop and to receive Fankies blows? No of course, Frankie would be told to stop and then Johnnie would stop on his own, because there would be no reason any more to defend himself. As long as Frankie keeps dealing blows, Johnnie has a right even to knock Frankie out, so that he can no longer harm him.

But if Johnnie is called Yochanan, or say, Israel, and Frankie Fatah, or Hamas, or the Palestinians, for short, than this theory is no longer valid.
Then Johnnie must receive blow after blow, because -G'd forbid! - he may hurt Frankie.

And so Johnnie is searching for ways to make Frankie stop hitting him without hurting him. Of course that makes no impression on Frankie. He knows that Johnnie will never be: a) punished or b) allowed to do act adequately, so Frankie hits on, until Johnnie is knocked out.

This is the predicament Israel is currently in. The terror will not stop and Israel is not allowed to wage a war that will stop it. With any counter measure Europe and the UN cry out that the violence is not proportional to the amount of blows Israel has received, and the US takes Israel to task because it is afraid to antagonize the Arab world - the ones who are hurting Israel - until after the war in Iraq is finished.

This has everything to do with a deep seated belief, that whatever Israel is going to do, it will not stop the terror attacks. Palestinians, and other Arabs use terror as a weapon. That is a given, just as a snowstorm in a given in December and January. And you cannot hurt the source of a snowstorm or a bout of rain by force. You take an umbrella and wait until it stops. Then you bury the dead and repair the damage.

But bombs do not detonate themselves. Explosives do not grow out of the soil. Crude materials are imported by human hands, explosives are made in factories by human hands, and brought into coffee shops, pizzerias, discos, wedding halls, on buses etc. by humans, who then detonate them, hoping to make as many casualties as possible.
Nor do those human beings, if one may call them that, either living or working in voids, strewing their explosives dreamily and haphazardly around them so that others may pick them up absent mindedly, at which point they may inadvertently go off and kill people.

Of course there is a rigid organization behind all this and they are linked and cooperate with each other in order to maximize the damage in each attack. They call themselves Hamas or Hezbollah, or Tanzim, or any name that seems appropriate for the time and place of the attack. The most lethal of them for Israel live in the territories that are currently under Palestinian control. Most of the Palestinians, if not all, do not care at all if the Jews of the world are alive or dead. Given the joy and celebrations after each attack in which Jews are killed, it seems that they prefer dead Jews. Truly friendly Palestinian voices must still be heard. Truly friendly Jewish voices toward Palestinians are heard all the time. Yossi Sarid, Yossi Beilin, Shimon Peres, Uri Avenery etc. voice the interests of the Palestinian people incessantly. They would not believe how much their 'friends' really despise and loath them. Try to talk to Palestinians in Arabic, say that you yourself are an Arab too, and you will learn the true depths of their hatred of Jews and the entire western world and how eagerly they are waiting to take over.
And if you cannot do that yourself, it is wise to believe people who did so and not call them 'extremist Jews' and hatemonger's, thus putting them on a line with the Arab terrorists, who are also euphemistically called 'extremist' or 'militants'.
The sentiments of hatred however, are not exported as freely as their bombs and words of denunciation of the attacks they themselves plan and execute.

Some Jews in Israel and abroad say that they have a reason to hate us. They say: It is natural for them to act like that. Some say: We did the same thing before Israel became independent. What they don't say is that the Haganah never targeting children in their beds, or holiday makers, or teenagers on their evenings out, or bride and groom and their guests, or buses with innocent people going to work and to school.
Neither do they mention the fact that Arabs were killing innocent Israelis even then, in those pre-state days. The hatred runs deep and is not of modern making.

Still, it is deemed unethical to make casualties among the attackers while trying to stop them. If not in the voice of Israelis themselves, then it is the voice of the media that asks after each attack: "How is Israel going to react. Will it start another cycle of violence?"
The Jewish dead are forgotten the moment they died. The only thing that matters is how the people who commit these atrocities are going to feel.
"What will the hawk Sharon do", they ask. "He will take revenge!" they answer themselves. "He will hurt innocent people!" Over 600 dead Israeli civilians do not count as innocent people. Armed Palestinians do.
"Israel needs a man of peace", they say. Like Rabin, like Peres, like Barak. That is why Amram Mitzna was chosen leader of the Likud. But none of his predecessors, who really meant well and wanted the best for the Palestinians, could stop the terror attacks by talking and trying to forge peace deals. That is where the perennial hatred of the whole Arab world for the Jews comes in.

The hands of the 'hawk' Sharon are tied but the US and the UN who hesitate themselves to attack al-Qaeda in its hiding places all over the world. All in fear of escalation. Killing innocent people every day all over the world: in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Moscow, New York, Washington, Yemen, Algiers, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and today in Kenya, that is not escalation?

No it is not. Because this is a natural phenomenon, and if one retaliates, well, than innocent people will get killed.

Day by day these attacks are growing more numerous and more vicious.
Day by day the western world, and also the Far East is becoming this little more battered.
We must all unite in recognizing these attacks for what they are. They are not snowstorms. They are not earthquakes. They are caused by human hands, thought out by human brains. And these humans have to be stopped as soon as possible. Even if there is a chance of 'collateral damage'. The people are waging a war against us and in a war people fight back. If they refrain from being so, there are vanquished.
We are sinking deeper and deeper in World War 3.

When will we admit it to ourselves?